Thomas Holt - Singer/songwriter


Born in Richmond Virginia and raised in Atlanta, and somehow found my way to Norfolk Virginia.

My style stems from a variety of genres like Folk, Grunge Classic Rock, Alternative rock, and indie. Growing up, I listened to a lot of what was popular on alternative rock radios. Then I began listening to a lot of classic rock, oldies, metal, rap & hip hop, experimental, electronic, dance, and pop music. 

I write songs that don't all sound the same. Some are a little more folky than others, some are little more rock n roll than others. It's all about how I feel in the moment of writing the song. I'm inspired by the present moment and whatever it gives me.

I was shy at first when it came to expressing myself musically. Most of my early learning came from singing by myself after school, or in the car on the way to work. I began experimenting with different instruments at the late age of 19 and got hooked on the guitar. I didn't just want to learn how to play other artist's songs, I wanted to write my own. I yearned for a new outlet I could express myself from and songwriting seemed to fit.

I have a stage name, "The Amused Troubadour" because of my love for the songwriting craft, and a willingness to find amusement in my journey's endeavors. Also I like dressing sharp for an occasion and I think a guy with troubadour in his name should have a taste for things like that. I write songs about friendship, love, and overcoming my internal hardships. I intend to come out on the winning side.

- The Amused Troubadour

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